Social security and compensation fund service

Scope of service

  • Social security and compensation fund registration
  • Social security fund and compensation fund filing
  • Labor, social security and compensation relating consulting

Outsourcing payroll service

Scope of service

  • Monthly Salary and wage calculation
  • Calculation on every relating employee welfare and benefit such as overtime payment, position fee, Bonus, transportation fee etc. (if have)
  • Handling and preparing monthly social security and compensation fund
  • Handling and preparing social security relating document in case of  new recruiting and resigning of employee
  • Handling and preparing relating document in case changing on  social security hospital of employee
  • Preparing and handling monthly salary report and relating bank document to customer’s bank
  • Preparing monthly standard pay slip for each employee
  • Handling and  preparing each employee’s personal withholding tax (PND1) to the revenue department
  • Handling and preparing each employee’s personal income tax (PND.1.KOR) to the revenue department
  • Preparing a withholding tax certificate

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