In House Training

P.M.accgroup, with 40 years of experiences of being leader of business relating one stop service, we provide the service that answer all customer’s need with the quality that been accepted by government and both locally and internationally private organization. We believe that in the present “human resources” is one of the most important parts to reflect the level of success of the company. Thus, to improve and enhance this resource is the thing every company cannot deny.

We, and seminar one of the company under P.M.accgroup, are established to help serving the need of business training such as accounting, taxation, management etc. Since we have experience in this relating field for more than 30 years, we can consult and prepare the lesson that suit with each company’s environment. We believe that every business is different, so every training course will be designed and customized for each customer.

Accounting and taxation course

  • Administrative and management on BOI /NON-BOI accounting
  • SMEs accounting system planning
  • Accounting and taxation for executive
  • Accounting and taxation for general business
  • Accounting and taxation strategic planning (Full system)
  • Planning on accounting system and internal control
  • Strategic planning for accounting and taxation
  • Financial statement analysis for SMEs
  • Cost accounting for SMEs / industrial field

Management and investment course

  • Risk management and protection
  • Financial planning for public or stock investor
  • Professional analysis on financial statement and stock market

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