Accounting and taxation service

  • Computerized accounting in compliance with accounting standard that accepted by Revenue department
  • Preparation and bookkeeping of all accounting relating documents
  • Preparation of monthly financial statement
  • Preparation of personal and corporate withholding tax (PND.3/53/54)
  • Preparation of payroll withholding tax (PND.1)
  • Preparation and submission of value added tax (P.P. 30) to Revenue Department.
  • Preparation and submission of bi-annual estimated corporate income tax (P.N.D.51) and annual corporate
  • income tax (P.N.D.50) to Revenue Department.
  • Preparation and submission of personal income tax for your employee (P.N.D.90/91/94)
  • Consultation on accounting and taxation planning


  1. In case of summons form the revenue department in order coordinates with the officer the company will have surcharge on this matter
  2. Service fee will be calculated from type of business and quantity of workload


These FAQs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about PM ACC GROUP’s service

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