Accounting is as important as a heart of business; this is the reason we do care your business as our own. Our philosophy throughout our all-time work is your problem is also our problem.

With over 40 years of professional experience with various business types, both Thai and international , thus we are confident that our service can serve your business very well.

“Quality service, Punctuality, Fair price”

Fahmui Treekanjanothai

We have an intention to transform accounting business to become fully digital and more approachable for a wide range of entrepreneurs with regards to raise working potential of service provider in all fields of accounting profession and reflect the true value of accounting work.

Umaporn Jirakasemphong

Understanding with professional service

Personally, I believe that the most important for all kind of service is “Understanding and put yourself in someone else ‘shoes”  this is the reason client entrust us to serve them over 40 years.

The accounting service at the present is not only to serve the purpose of government and relating parties’ submission but also serve the intime information to management for knowing and seeing the direction of their business.

With above strong belief, accountant should give the insightful information to client instead of being the bookkeeper, we decide to bring digital system and technology to help create the better solution for our client.

Piyaporn Jirakasemphong


P.M.accgroup was established since 1982. Over 30 years in the accounting, taxation and other relating business activities, it makes we become expertise on accounting of various type of industry both locally and internationally. With our slogan “make your life easier” that aim to provide services helping client receive accurate information in time in order to make the right decision for their business, we have base customer in various industry both locally and internationally. Besides, we also concern that each business has its unique character and needs so we customize our service to suit with customer’s business.


  • Be selected as Tax Agent of Revenue department since 2005.
  • Be certificated as Quality Assurance Accounting Firm by the Ministry of Commerce 2009.
  • Be selected as The Best Governance Accounting Firm by Department of Business Development(DBD), Ministry of Commerce 2015.
  • Best Digital Accounting Firm Award 2020 “Platinum Award” by Department of Business Development(DBD)